Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make a Splash!

It's mid-afternoon, June 10,  as Nanc and I head to Frost, Minnesota, eager to meet the volunteers at the Library who invited us to help kick off their summer reading program entitled "Make a Splash!"
I explain to my wife that Charlene Lincoln, the lady who contacted me, has done quite a lot of publicity and has invited kids, parents and seniors to the event at the Viking Community Center.

"They'll be giving door prizes and serving snacks, too!" I mention to Nanc.

We set up early and as people start to shuffle in, I notice that their ages span from kids to teens to people who may even be much older than I am. "I like the age-span," I whisper to Nanc. "Be sure to get lots of pics." She nods in a way that tells me, "Of course, Dummy, this is why I have the camera in my hand."

Ruth Sonnek(white top and big smile), a member of the Faribault County Dairy Association, sits next to Lani Sohn, Faribault County Dairy Princess, in the picture above.  I look forward to chatting more with them after the show. I meet Gina, a budding author with experience in radio, and after she introduces me with a few kind words, I begin my show.

My introduction and Prologue use rhyme and meter to make nostalgic facts fun for all ages, and as I talk about the events on the farm from over 50 years ago, I feel the audience responding in a way that encourages me to add a few details and stories that I had intended to omit.
As I am in about the middle of A Farm Country Christmas Eve, the youngest audience member takes a closer look as I recite the page where Joey teaches a newborn calf how to drink out of a pail.
After the show, Charlene awards door prizes. I am delighted to win a pound of AMPI State Brand butter. Young Torin wins a copy of the book I just performed, A Farm Country Christmas Eve. He immediately asks me to autograph it for him and I gladly comply. I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that he had his choice of all the of the other toys, yet he picked my book. He seems to be a really intelligent and likable  lad.

In no hurry to leave, many folks stop to chat as they snack on the goodies. Frost folks are really friendly.

Children hold their door prizes as people snap pictures  and as I  pose with the young children and teens, who are, of course, the pride of Frost.  I feel privileged. to be part of the event.

We stay over an hour after the show, but since Nanc is busy selling books and talking to customers and I'm answering questions and listening to some fascinating local stories, we take no more pictures.

Before we leave,  we thank all the volunteers, especially Charlene and Ardell and Gina, who worked so hard to make the event a Splash!

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  1. Reading your two posts about the folks of Frost and Sherburne reaffirms why I am so proud of my rural roots on the southwestern Minnesota prairie. Your articles are an accurate representation of the goodness, the kindness, the warmth of these good country people. The bonus in all of this-- you and Nancy seem to be thoroughly enjoying yourselves.