Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cards for Fun

My wife Nancy enjoys a several creative outlets, but one she has not had time to pursue lately is creating humorous or otherwise interesting blank greeting cards. With so much of our time devoted to writing and marketing my books, she has not produced any new greeting cards for years.

Hope you enjoy this tribute to a few of her past creations:

Catching me in mid-air was a harder shot than snapping a bluebird with a worm.

Not one of the cows would admit to starting the campfire.

Ever feel like plowing up the lawn?  These are a couple of my contributions.

Look! The corn has grown a foot!                  Dad always tried to make things fun.

             This was the  barn at my folks' farm.

        Dad raking hay about 1988
                                Long barn at Schoenecker
                                 farm near New Market, about 1928

 Flowers are always a favorite.

       This picture of finches feeding on daisies was an award-winner.

I'll leave you with a nice sunset.

 My intention is not to drum up sales (honestly), but if you are interested in purchasing cards, Email us at 
All Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson,
 except Always carry a full load, Long barn, and Never too young.

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  1. Charming/wonderful/delightful/interesting photos and, oh, so clever captions.