Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Books Alive! at Duluth Children's Museum

The Duluth Children's Museum provides a learning environment for kids with adult supervision. Displays range from banking to the environmental, and they are all geared to teach by engaging kids with on-hand activities as well as imaginative play.
Much has changed at the Duluth Children's Museum since we were there last year at their Books Alive! event, which is always scheduled for the first Friday in November. They have moved into a new, temporary location at 115 S. 29th Ave W, which is across the parking lot from the building they plan to remodel as their permanent home.
What hasn't changed, though, is that the staff invited us to do a program at the event, which was held on Friday, November 2, 2012. We are thankful they remembered us.
Director of Education, Peter Jacobson, gave us a tour of the new facilities, and later he gave a reading to attendees.

We had the opportunity to chat with Michael Garcia, the Museum's Director, and staff members we met last year, including Emily, who tended the gift shop, which is adjacent to the room where I presented my program at about 7:00 PM.
The audience was about an even mixture of kids and adults, and they seemed to enjoy my half-hour Farm Heritage Program, which included my story, If I were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure.  Thanks to all who stayed after the program to share their farm stories and buy books.

Thanks to all the staff members for having me back again this year, and a special thanks to Peter Jacobson for arranging the visit.

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