Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Does anyone out there remember the rock band, Huey Lewis and the News?

I don't know exactly how long ago this story happened, but it was in an era where people on the radio actually introduced the next song instead of pretending everyone was in some kind of club where the members all knew the names of all the performers. (Does that bother anyone else but me?)

Anyway, back to Huey Lewis and the News.
I've always liked music of all kinds, but I never much cared for the interruptions to the music on the radio: commercials, talking (except for introducing the next number) and the news. I especially hated the short one-liner news items on the top 40 type radio stations. I wanted music, music, music. I wanted to rock and roll.
If something came on my car radio that interrupted the music, my fingers reached for the push button switch faster than a speeding bullet. A commercial comes on, SWITCH. Talk about traffic or the weather, SWITCH.
I hear the disc jockey say, "...and here's Huey Lewis and the News,"SWITCH.

This went on for months or at least during the first 50 % of Mr. Lewis's career.

My misconception came to an abrupt end one day when my wife was in the car and the disc jockey began, "...and here's Huey Lewis and the..."SWITCH.

Nancy looked at me and calmly said, "I thought you liked his songs. I've seen you listening to his songs."

"It's news," I said, and after I switched back to the station to prove my point, I found myself listening to music that I remembered enjoying before.  But apparently, it had never been introduced.

OK. Anyone out there have the courage to fess up to some funny misconceptions?
Use the comment space below.
Or just tell your friends if you don't want to go public with it.

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