Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Are you one of these people who has to be doing something all the time?

I am.
Recently, I heard that being one of those kind of people isn't very healthy.
The argument goes something like this;

We need to take a short time each day "to be."
We are human "beings."
We are not human "doings."

I admit that I find the argument compelling and I readily agree.
However, now that they have convinced me, what do I do about it?
Can I really "undo" the kind of person I am? After all, it has taken me over six decades to deveolp as a "doer."
We may not be human "doings"  but we are not human "undoings" either.

I have tried.

But whenever I try to just sit and meditate or contemplate or re-juvinate, I find myself thinking, "As soon as I'm done with this,  I will Email ___ about ___."
Then I find myself making a mental list of things I need to do as soon as I am done spending time just "being."
Then I think of something really important and that's the end of the moment of reflection as I blurt out,  
"I gotta write this down!!"

The longer I'm around, the more I agree with the old saying, "It takes all kinds," or "We're not wired the same."

How's your meditating going?


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