Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tracy Library, Tracy, MN

We had been scheduled to perform A Farm Country Christmas Eve at the Library in Tracy, Minnesota, on Monday, November 29, but since they were experiencing blizzard conditions in the prairie town and it was snowing like crazy at our place, I called to postpone the event.
Even I get an attack of good sense once in a while.

Jamie Verdeck, the librarian at Tracy, was kind enough to reschedule us for Saturday, December 18, 2010, at 1:00 PM.
The weather provided us a scenic, winter wonderland for our three-hour drive.                                      
A lone tree flourishes without competition in the center of prairie farmland. 

Everyone who lives there knows, you do not need new snow to create hazardous driving conditions. All that is needed is a brisk wind and loose snow on the ground, so as we drive toward Tracy, we are very conscious of the wind, and we hope that drifting will diminish for our trip home.
We arrive by noon and as we set up we visit with staff and others
who arrive early for the 1:00 PM show.
The audience is small in numbers, but interest is high, even among the very young.
Jamie Verdeck, librarian, holding two-year-old Romanie.

Seth Schmidt, the owner and editor of the Tracy Headlight Herald newspaper, takes photos, and after the show asks questions to prepare an article for the paper.
We stay to chat with townspeople and enjoy listening to stories.
On the way home we enjoy a pleasant winter day that displays a fabulous sunset behind us as we drive east toward home.  It's too cold to stop for pictures, but Nancy snaps a few through the side window.
A low sun paints vertical streaks on blue silos.

Sun begins to streak the snow in late afternoon.

Minnesota River by Henderson, MN.

Our view of New Prague as we drive into town on MN Highway 19.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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  1. Fabulous, fabulous photos from the southwestern Minnesota prairie, Nancy. Tracy lies about 25 miles south of my hometown of Vesta, so viewing these images was like traveling back "home."

    Your photos absolutely capture the essence of the prairie's beauty. Those sunsets, ah...

    Glad you made it safety to Tracy and back. You were wise to cancel that first trip west.