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Credit River Antique Tractor Club

When people ask me where I am from, I don't always give the same exact answer because it is more complicated than just naming a town, and I know most people aren't interested in a long answer to a short question. If the conversation goes beyond my zip code (Lakeville), or my high school (also Lakeville), or my home town (New Market), to where I actually grew up (a farm in Credit River Township), I end up proclaiming, "I'm from Credit River."
I know this affiliation is pretty vague for anyone who is under forty years old because for years no business place has existed on the intersection of County Road 68 and County Road 27, which was the site of Credit River. Yet the affiliation of being from "Credit River" still has power for those of us who attended country schools nearby, grew up playing pool and cards at the tavern on the corner, attended some dances and anniversary parties at the adjoining dance hall, and then voted for the first time at that same facility. Yes, for us, being from Credit River still draws us together, even if our lives have taken many different directions from each other.

Above is a picture of a photograph of Credit River Store, located on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of County Road 68 and County Road 27 in Scott County around 1910. The structure burned to the ground in the late 1930s. The store built to replace it was a much smaller and less grand structure.

But the structure most of us remember as "Credit River" was the town hall/tavern/dance hall located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of #68 and #27, which is directly across the street form the site of the old structure.
This building has been gone a long time and a new town hall was erected about a half mile east on County Road 68,

For those of us who proclaim that we are from Credit River, our memories of childhood on a family farm may vary from bitter to joyful on many topics, but we tend to agree on one thing–we are fascinated with the tractors and machinery used during those times when we were children. The fondness for the old iron leads members to spend money and time restoring the tractors and days of preparation to display and parade the results of their efforts.  It's nothing short of true love.

The Credit River Antique Tractor Club displayed their antiques while vendors sold various crafts at a three-day show at Cedar Lake Farms Regional Park on July 29-31, 2011. The park offers beautiful rolling hills, large shade trees, a beach, and a lovely view of Cedar Lake. Visitors of all ages enjoyed the show.

Of course, most of the members of the Credit River Antique Tractor Club hail from the towns and countrysides far beyond Credit River, and many of the members who live near Credit River are too young to remember any of the buildings in the above pictures, but it's the hard work of all these members that made the Credit River Antique Tractor Club Show a success.
Above is a picture of what visitors saw as they came in the gate. To their right were several hard-working Credit River Club members (pictured below) selling raffle tickets to win an Allis Chalmers, which was restored by club members.
Parked next to the trailer was the raffle tractor, below.

Across from the raffle ticket trailer was our tent, where we sold books and tee shirts.
A variety of vendors offered food and crafts at locations throughout the park.
Weather was warm but pleasant and lots of visitors turned out, giving me ample opportunity to sell and sign some books.

Club member Joe Gallagher (right) drove around our most honored and eldest club member, Myles Mares.
Restored antiques on display included tractors of all colors, trucks, cars, and lawn tractors, and club members offered a free tour of the grounds before and after the short parade.

Part of the daily parade of antiques during Sunday's show.

Thanks to all of the members of the Credit River Antique Tractor Club for their hard work in preparing for this show. It's a show the whole family can enjoy. Hope to see you here next year!

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

For more pictures of the parade and the displays, click on Read More below:

Hope to see you and your family here next year!

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