Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Duluth Children's Museum

This is our second visit to the Duluth Children's Museum, located in the same building as the famous Depot Museum that has all those great old trains. The first time we did a show there in August, 2009, I was impressed with the museum's gallery of activities for kids and the great audience. It was much the same this time as a couple of preschools brought some children to watch the show.
Program Director Mary Davis introduced me before I began my program. 

The Duluth Children's Museum was established in 1930 and is he fifth oldest in the nation. Go to their website at www.duluthchildrensmuseum.org to learn about the attractions to visit and programs they offer.
CEO and President  Michael Garcia took time to visit with us and tell us the story of Grace Walker, a nine year old girl from Proctor, MN. When Grace was seven she learned that the Duluth Children's Museum was planning to move and had started fundraising to build a new museum. Grace decided to help by writing and illustrating a book called The Blunders of Harry Hamble and donate all the proceeds to the Museum.
Mr. Garcia kindly gave Nancy and me a copy of Grace's book, which is autographed by Grace. We love  the story and illustrations and admire Grace not only for her creativity with the art, but also for her creativity in deciding that fundraising for a museum was not beyond the scope of her seven years of experience.
What can I say? I was 55 when I published my first children's book. I guess creativity takes longer to form in some of us.

Nancy and I wish to thank Mary Davis for inviting us back to perform our show at the Duluth Children's Museum again this year, and we especially thank Mr. Garcia for the copy of Grace's book and for telling her story to us.
We hope to be back to the Duluth Children's museum soon.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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