Friday, June 22, 2012

Elmore Public Library

The town of Elmore is located on Highway 169 about as far south in Minnesota as you can get. Customers in the library said that  if I'd missed the turn to the library and gone south two more blocks, I would've been in Iowa. 
The town is proud of their new library, and I agree that it is a very nice facility. However, since it sprinkled or rained during the entire two and a half hours we were there on Wednesday, Nancy could not get a picture of the front of the building.

She did get a photo of the rain through the glass doors that exit out the back of the conference room where I did my Farm Heritage Program.

When we came to set up, a group of people were having coffee in the conference room. They made us feel especially welcome because they credited us with bringing the rain. It was the first rain they had in weeks and the area was really dry. They left while we set up, but the picture below shows that they kept their promise to return for my program.

We were expecting a group of small children, which is why I chose to do a program that included my book, If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure, but the rain probably kept them from riding their bikes or walking to the library. The older folks seemed to enjoy the show, though, and were kind with their comments and also purchased a number of books.

Everyone took time before or after the program to view and comment on Nancy's display of farm heritage photographs that we are preparing for our new book, A Farm Country Harvest.

Nancy and I wish to thank the librarian, Nancy Ziegler, for calling and inviting us to do our Farm Heritage Program at the Elmore Library. I also want to thank all the board members, especially Doris and Audrey, for taking time to chat and helping to arrange my visit. A special thanks to Doris Klein, who remembered me from when I did a show at Frost Library in 2010 and recommended my visit to Elmore. She kindly told me that she had purchased A Farm Country Christmas Eve after the show at Frost and brings it out to read at Christmas time.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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