Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memories and Milestones Academy

This morning Nancy and I made the short drive to New Prague where we were scheduled to do two shows at Memories and Milestones Academy, a school for preschool through early school-aged children.
The building is on the eastern outskirts of New Prague in a new facility.

Like most schools, the front door was locked for security purposes, but Alyssa, the Assistant Director, quickly recognized us and let us in. My overalls usually give me away. She gave us a warm welcome, and we chatted for several minutes as she showed us the performance space and told us about herself.
After the children went to play outside, we had about half an hour to set up, but we noticed some curious eyes watching us from the playground.

There were 33 children in the first group ranging from age 2 to 4, and I know that age can be a tough audience, but these children were sweet and attentive. I had a fun time of it.

The second group consisted of about a dozen children of the ages 5-7, and since this group was quite a bit more sophisticated, I used a dvd that contained a few more pictures that we could discuss. Programs for both groups contained my story, If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure.

Since the group was small, they could stay seated as I brought the can of oats around for them to feel.
Most of them took their time and felt the oats several times.

I truly enjoy doing shows for little children, and although they can be a tough audience, 
they are also most generous and kind. We had fun doing the shows, and I hope they had fun too.
Judging from how these young children handle being an audience and how they respond to material, I think the staff at Memories and Milestones should feel really good about what they do at the school every day.

Nancy and I thank the teachers and all staff members at Memories and Milestones Academy for having us into their classrooms. We especially thank Chantel Dacas, Director, for inviting us to the school and Alyssa, Assistant Director, who greeted us, made us feel welcome, and helped us set up.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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