Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oil Can Holder, II

The Ahlberg Hall Museum at the Dakota County Fair gives me joy and amusement. The joy comes from viewing the old machines, appreciating how they worked, and remembering working with friends, cousins, neighbors, and family.

Some of my amusement comes from the fact that although the machines represent farm equipment from the early part of the 20th century, many farmers from this area used them well past 1950 and into 1970. I took the photograph above in 1969, the last time we used a threshing machine. Dad hired someone to combine in the years that followed. To my surprise, however, several folks who visited with Nancy and me at the Dakota County Fair last week said they used a threshing machine as late as 1975.

I always look for the oil can holders on the old machines. You see, before grease fittings or sealed bearings, machines had places to add oil, as seen in the tall spout with the cap in the picture of the side of the threshing machine below.
In those days, the operator would tend his machine by walking around with an oil can, ensuring that oil receptacles did not go dry. 
Consequently, machines usually came with some kind of oil can holder, as shown on the side of another threshing machine.

Here's an oil can holder mounted on the end of the tool box on a grain binder.

Close up of same oil can holder.

You probably guessed already that most of my amusement when viewing the old machinery comes from my memory of being a human oil can holder, and for the purpose of clarity, I'll repeat the picture from my previous blog below.
On Saturday, August 28, 2010, the Dakota County Fairgrounds will be the site for The Summer Spectacular, which will include 2 buildings full of crafts for sale and classic cars on display. Nancy and I will be selling our books in building 22, which is on the south edge of the grounds. Stop by to say "hello."

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