Friday, August 27, 2010

Refrigerator Door Treasure

photos removed 11-25-12

Still clinging onto our refrigerator door is a card from last March, sent to our home by the fine teachers and students at JWP Waldorf Elementary in Waldorf, Minnesota, after we performed A Farm Country Christmas Eve on March 5, 2010. 

I visit the refrigerator often, as you might expect, but today I decide to re-visit the card, and then I discover why I'm one of these guys who never throws anything away. 
I open it. 
I read it. 
I laugh out loud. 
You see, the kids enjoyed my rhyme so they wrote one for me: 

"Thank you for coming and sharing your book.
We really admire the time that it took.
We love how you wrote your story in rhyme.
Our hope is to see you next year some time."

The inside of the card has signatures along with the rhyme.

The rest of the signatures are on the back of the card.

So I decide to post the pictures of the event and explain just a little about it.

Mrs. Miller, the 4th grade teacher who arranged the event, had us set up in the library so they could rotate each grade in separately and keep the audiences small, allowing every student to ask questions and make comments after the show.  Grade 5 was the first audience, then grade 4, and grade 6 was last.

I appreciated their attention, their smiles, and their questions after the show.

The day gave more proof that nobody is too old or too young for a good Christmas story, and it works in any season.

JWP Waldorf Elementary is another testament to the quality education found in schools located in small towns throughout Minnesota.

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