Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Spectacular, 2010

Pictures removed 11-25-12

If you like vintage cars and varieties of crafts, the Summer Spectacular at the Dakota County Fairgrounds at Farmington would've been to your liking on Saturday, August 28.
Regardless of which direction I aimed my camera, I discovered acres of classic vehicles in my view finder. So I snapped a few pictures.

Since I promised Nancy I would return to our booth soon, I didn't have time to leisurely check out all the great cars and pickups at this annual event. I had to satisfy myself with a few long shots and a few close-ups before returning to our craft building.

Craft booths lined the entrance to our building, but outside vendors did not need to worry about the weather, which was sunny with just enough breeze to keep everyone cool.

People were curious about our collector series of books, which try to preserve the local farm heritage in a fun but accurate way. We sold some books, talked to some teachers about my visiting their school, and swapped stories with some new friends. All this added up to a good day for us.

In case you're wondering, they had plenty food to eat there too. Put it on your calendar for next year about this time.

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