Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joey's Calendar

I like it when my neighbor Joey comes over. You may remember that on one of his last visits he brought his snow shovel and was prepared to go to work. He also comes over for school fund-raisers, for trick or treats during Halloween, and sometimes he brings up my garbage can after he comes home from school. It seems this third-grader is always up to "some good." If he sees me in the yard he will yell, "Hello!" and wave.

During the nice weather in mid-February, he rang the doorbell and presented me with a calendar he had made. He drew an original illustration for each month. 
As he handed it to me, he said, "There are no dates on the calendar. It's just pictures, but you can hang it up next to a calendar that has dates."
Which is exactly what I did.

Each of his illustrations show a particular flare with color and characterization of the specific month.
 I show you January (above) to display his signature and April (below) for its great depiction of mud puddles. I'm glad that growing up in a world full of concrete and asphalt streets has not diminished Joey's appreciation of the mud puddle, which was a main attraction for me when I was a boy.

Note that the grey shadows are a result of my scanning,not part of his artwork.
Click below to see the rest of the months.

Good stuff, eh?
I especially like March because it looks like we may have an early spring. I don't think anyone would disapprove.


  1. I love kids' art. You can see the joy in their creations. And I ditto your comment about Joey's portrayal of March. I could certainly use an early spring.

  2. Nanc and I are pretty lucky to get lots of art from kids because great teachers at elementary schools we visit organize the making of cards and then send them to us in a big envelope. In the mail today we received a bunch of great homemade cards and comments from the K-5 kids at JWP Elementary, Janesville. Nanc and I read them together. Then we put them in a big container. I'll probably keep them forever. I don't know if it's vanity or sentiment, but someone will have to throw them out after I'm gone.