Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fundraiser at Rice Lake Elementary School

On February 24th Nancy and I drove to Rice Lake Elementary School to do a show as a fundraiser, which means profits from book sales beyond our cost go to the organization hosting the event, in this case the Rice Lake Parent-Teacher Organization.
I especially enjoyed chatting with parents and their children as I autographed a books for them before and after my presentation. 

People knew that when they bought my books, they were not only supporting my efforts to pass on our farm heritage through stories, but they were also supporting their own organization because some of the money from every purchase goes back to the PTO.

Audience members of all ages seemed particularly interested in the idea of preserving the farm heritage through books that tell a story about a family on a small farm. After the show, several parents talked to me about their connection to the farm. There may not have been any farmers in the audience, but many told me their memories of their parents' farm or their grandparents' farm.

Wendy Nelson organized my visit and sat next to me while she sold books and I signed them. Since she knew all the parents and students, I could enjoy listening to the familiar chatter between them as she greeted each one by name and introduced me to them. 

Nancy's and my goal is to get my books into the hands of kids and adults, and after an enjoyable evening at Rice Lake Elementary, we left knowing that this fundraiser helped our goal while raising funds for others, as well.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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