Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stewartville Intermediate School

The city of Stewartville is a bit less than a two-hour drive from our home, but the weather was nice Friday morning and we didn't have to be there until about 11:45 AM to set up for two shows of A Farm Country Christmas Eve. 

Secretary Maribeth Cooper greeted us warmly, and even though she was really busy, she took the time to show us where to set up, and she explained which doors to use for the easiest entry with our equipment. Her extra effort made Nancy and I feel really welcome, which is an important first step to the success of any visit.

 Billed as "Home of the Fourth and Fifth Grades,"the intermediate school has about 150 fourth graders and 175 fifth graders, and I looked forward to the energy the larger audiences would generate.
Fourth grade students settled in quickly on their floor seats (above) 
and raised their hands to answer quiz questions after the show (below).

The fifth grade made a larger audience (above), and (below) they were one of the few groups I've ever had who answered the hardest quiz question correctly: "Name the six places the cats come from when Joey calls them."
Several fifth grade students stop to chat after the program.

Thanks to District Media Specialist Renita McCabe-Irvin for inviting me to visit Stewartville and Maribeth Cooper for showing Nancy and me around. Also, thanks to all the staff members who made an effort to make us feel welcome.
A special thanks to Mark Peterson from the Stewartville Star for covering the event.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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