Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wells Elementary School

Above, Molly waits patiently as I autograph a book,
 and below, Ethan poses for a picture with me and his new book.

First, I wish to thank Tracy Frank, the principal at Wells Elementary School, Betsy Hermanson from the Wells Historical Society, and Sheila Treptow, Wells Public Library Director, for coordinating programs for K-6 at the elementary school and for adults at the Wells Museum on the same day, May 6, 2011.

In the morning I did A Farm Country Thanksgiving for grades 5-6, A Farm Country Christmas Eve for grades 3-4, and If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure for K-2. In the afternoon we drove a few blocks to perform at the Wells Historic Depot, which is the site of the museum. More about that in tomorrow's article.

As expected, the kids were great and asked questions and shared some stories after the show.
Above, the small auditorium easily accommodated 135 K-2 and about 15 of their teachers,
and below, third and fourth grade students volunteer to answer questions after the show.

Fifth and sixth grade students at the first morning show.

Also, I wish to thank Jackie Leesch, the secretary at the school, for managing things to help Nancy and me set up, and I especially wish to thank all the teachers who, as they passed us in the hall, took the time to stop, introduce themselves, and chat with us briefly. Their friendliness and enthusiasm  made us feel very welcome.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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