Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wells Depot Museum

Betsy Hermanson from the Wells Depot Museum greeted us in the parking lot on Wednesday afternoon. She chatted with us as she led us into the restored depot, which is the Wells Museum. Since we had plenty time to set up, we took a short tour of the museum while Betsy enthusiastically explained some of the special pieces on display. Her husband, Ross, helped her get the building ready for visitors.
End view of restored Depot at Wells, MN

Every year U.S. citizens log thousands of miles to visit the many great places in our country, but let me put in a plug for the many museums found in small towns throughout the land. Although our interstates are wonderful, they unknowingly help us speed past many small jewels worth seeing.
Wells Depot Museum is one of those jewels.
Early arrivals pictured above.
We were concerned that the nice weather might keep people away doing "spring" activities.
Well, the audience was small, but they arrived early to visit and stayed late after the show to visit, ask questions, and tell stories. It was a fun group of people and an interesting afternoon for all of us.
Beginning of program featuring my book, A Farm Country Christmas Eve

We can't blame it on the interstate if we do not take an hour or two to turn off to see real America, and now, with the help of websites, you can check out the whereabouts of small museums that are near your route to other destinations. Wells Depot Museum is only about 15 minutes north of I90 if you take exit 146. Admission is free, but they welcome donations. Visit when you can and donate what you can afford. They offer a variety of gifts, including t-shirts. Nancy bought one for a future quilt.

Once again, we thank Betsy Hermanson and Sheila Treptow for arranging the event.
Nancy and I hope they invite us back soon.
No, this isn't an illustration from my book, If  I Were a Farmer: Field Work. It's a picture of the real thing. On our drive home, we were treated to many views of farmers doing field work.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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  1. I agree with you that our small towns hold many jewels that we all too often pass by in our hurry to get somewhere. This old depot museum is an absolute treasure. How beautiful and a place to add to my "must-see list."

    Great farmer in the field picture, Nancy.