Saturday, October 15, 2011

Czech Heritage Club, New Prague, MN

Last June at Cedar Summit Farm's Milkapalooza (posted June 6, 2011), Vi Chromy, Vice President of the Czech Heritage Club of New Prague, invited me to speak at their October meeting.

I'm always thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to a group that celebrates heritage of any kind, but I was particularly happy to be asked to do a show for the Czech Heritage Club (I'm half Czech) from the town where I was born. Also, I knew I'd be treated to all sort of great stories from really fun-lovinmg and kind people.
The evening surpassed my expectations.
Twenty-three people attended as I spoke for nearly and hour. Afterwards many asked questions, told stories, and bought books while coffee and snacks were served.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. I know Nancy and I sure did.

The fact is that Nancy was so busy visiting with club members that she didn't get to take many pictures, and as usual, i didn't take any pictures of her.
 In the pictures above and below, I sign some books as I listen to fascinating stories from the past.
Marie Flicek tells me of her 1948 flight from communist Czechoslovakia. She is a wonderful lady with a fascinating past about which she intends to write a book.

In the picture above, I tell Archie Kochina and Marie about the story of the lady whose father accidentally ran the hay fork into her arm when she was a child tramping hay on the wagon while her dad stacked. We each knew far too many stories of accidents on the farm.

 Many members of the group lingered to tell stories, purchase books, and take photos.

Nancy and I had a wonderful evening and wish to thank the entire Czech Heritage Club for having us visit and for their great hospitality.
We especially thank Vice President Vi Chromy, who arranged the visit, and President Deb Ziskovsky and her husband Arnie for recommending us to the club.
We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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