Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rosemount Area Seniors Monthly Meeting

When Darline Lehman, President of the Rosemount Area Seniors, invited me do be their program for their December meeting and luncheon on December 6, I was, of course, delighted to accept.
You see, I know that when there is food at a gathering, people will come to eat, and then they will stay for my story. I'm humble enough to know the reverse is not always true.
I set up before the food was served and projected on the screen a picture of the farm where I grew up, which seemed to generate some interest. Audience members were very friendly and ready to enjoy the afternoon.
After the luncheon, Darline introduced me and I was privileged to speak to the group for about 50 minutes. Since the audience was filled with former farmers, people who had grown up on farms, and non-farmers who remember visiting farms of their relatives, they were very responsive to my references to farm life and my story, A Farm Country Christmas Eve.
After the show, many from the audience were very kind and told me how much they enjoyed the show, but to be honest, I don't think anyone enjoyed it more than I enjoyed performing it. When I see the smiles on faces initiated from the memories my stories evoke, it makes my day.

They always like the picture of the mother milking the cow and squirting a cat.

Lots of people stayed to chat, tell stories, ask questions, and buy books.

 But when we are really busy, as we were after the show, Nancy doesn't get time to take many pictures.
However, our friend Beverly Hermes (with me in the photo above) stopped by, stayed for the show, and took some pictures because, as she said later, " may mot have a photo of  you both together at one of your events." She emailed the photos to me to use. 

The photographs above were all taken by my wife Nancy, 
but the photographs below were all taken by our friend Beverly.

Obviously, these are moments we could never capture ourselves, since we are both busy.

We thank you for the photographs, Beverly.
And we thank Darline Lehman, President of the Rosemount Area Seniors for inviting us to come to the luncheon and do our program. The Rosemount Seniors were genuine, friendly, and wonderful to listen to. We had a fun afternoon.

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