Tuesday, December 13, 2011

St. Mary's School in Owatonna

I received a warm greeting from everyone at St. Mary's in Owatonna.
First, June, who handles the many issues in the office, took time to show me where to set up and then she held the door for Nancy and me as we carried in our equipment. Kids in the hallway smiled to say hello and Sharleen Berg, Media Specialists, said hello and took a few moments to chat as we met her in the hallway.
Everyone we met offered to help, especially Tammy Barnes, who teaches grade 1 and who invited us to the school to do three programs of A Farm Country Christmas Eve to Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 students.
I can always tell when teachers and other leaders have "talked up" my visit because the groups of students are excited to see the show when they come in to sit down. This was certainly the case with these groups.
And they asked lots of good questions.
One second-grade girl asked me if I always wore overalls.
I told her I only wear them as a costume when I perform.
She replied with a big smile, "I thought so."

Kindergarten Students eager to answer questions (above)
and posing for a group photograph (below).

Students in first grade holding up two fingers to teach a calf to drink (above)
and raising their hands to answer questions (below).

Second Graders raising their hands to answer questions (above)
and lining up to feel the oats in the can after the show (below).

Administrators seldom are able to break away from their work to watch my show, but I was particularly pleased when Principal Hawkins stopped by to watch the show with the first graders. Later, she stopped by to tell my wife that she liked the show and then she thanked us for coming. 

Nancy and I thank Mrs. Barnes for inviting us to visit St. Mary's and arranging the whole event, and we thank Mrs. Prostrollo for the use of her room.
We also thank all the teachers for sharing their time with us and Mrs. Hawkins, the principal for allowing us to visit the school. 
As a former teacher, I never underestimate the importance of class time with students, and I will always strive to make my time with them valuable to their education. 
I also believe in having some fun during the show, and the students seemed to be right on top of it all! 

I found a great deal of pleasure performing for each group at St. Mary's, and I think the energy and joy expressed by the students are tributes to the entire workforce at St. Mary's.

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