Thursday, May 17, 2012

A drive to southeastern Minnesota

On  Tuesday, Nancy and I drove about two and a half hours to the town of Houston, Minnesota, where we parked at a nice, shady spot in front of our first destination,  Valley View Healthcare and Rehab.

When we entered the facility, we were quickly greeted by cheerful staff members Deb and Grace, who helped us decide where to set up.
I signed several books for Margie, who spent some time visiting with Nancy before the show.

The audience was not large, but they seemed to enjoy the program, which included my story A Farm Country Picnic, and many shared their comments with me after the show.
Adeline and Ellinore, (far right) look on as I show them my book, A Farm Country Christmas Eve.

Nancy and I enjoyed our visits with the residents and staff at Valley View Healthcare and Rehab, and we thank Activities Directory Judy Munson for inviting us to do our Farm Heritage Program.

We also thank Judy for calling Marie Howard at Caledonia Care and Rehab in nearby Caledonia, who arranged for us to do a program at the care facility later on the same day. 
After packing up and saying "Goodbye" to folks at Houston, Nancy and I took the scenic drive to Caledonia.
As the road winds through bluffs and valleys for about 11 miles, we are treated to lovely views of the countryside that make the curvy trip up Badger Hill a highlight of the day.

Although many fields were already planted, farmers were busy working to finish up.

I took some notes as I talked to Rosie Laumb (back to camera), who explained that she milked five cows regularly at the age of ten. Since they had no stalls for the cows, she milked them as they stood in the barnyard.
She said her father lost an eye working on the Genoa Dam in the 1930s.

After my Farm Heritage Program, which included my story, A Farm Country Picnic, several residents and staff members stayed to visit with Nancy and me.
In the picture above, Stan Schroeder looks through my books
 and remarks, "You're doing a good thing."
I thank him and tell him that his comments made my day. 
We go on to discuss our farm experiences as I take notes.

Nancy and I thank Facility Services Coordinator, Marie Howard, for arranging our visit to Caledonia Care and Rehab. Residents and staff were friendly and eager to share their stories.

We had a good time at both Valley View Healthcare & Rehab and Caledonia Care & Rehab, and we look forward to a return visit.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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