Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oak Ridge Senior Community, Hastings

Hastings is only a short drive from our home, and we looked forward to doing my Farm Heritage Program for the residents. It's a really nice facility that offers a variety of care choices, including independent living, assisted living care, and facilities for folks who need more care.
My Farm Heritage Program included my projecting and discussing pictures from the past in my Prologue, realistic illustrations and events from my books, and my story, A Farm Country Picnic, which contains the episode where the Watkins salesman helps the family round up the herd of cattle that have escaped into the neighbor's cornfield.
After my one-hour program, Ann Krauth, Activities Director (left), and Emily Renfrew (right) chat with me as I sign a few books. Thanks to all who purchased books. I hope they are enjoyed and passed on down through many generations of your family.

Nancy and I want to thank the residents at Oak Ridge for being such a great audience. We especially thank Ann Krauth for arranging our visit to Oak Ridge, and, along with Dorothy Endersby, for providing a nice welcome.  Thanks to Gordon Hanson for helping us set up and for attending the sound system. And a special thanks to all who stopped by after the show to express their kind comments about  my program and share their farm stories, including Mr. Christie, Mr. Dempsey, Mrs. Renfrew, and several others.
Nancy and I had fun at Oak Ridge and we hope to return soon.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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