Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gideon Pond Elementary School

We are lucky that Gideon Pond Elementary in Burnsville has a custodian like Keith Carlson. After seeing our literature, he brought it to the attention of Mrs. Odegard, who teaches kindergarten there, and she decided to arrange for us to visit and do shows for students in kindergarten through grade two.
Keith posed for a photo with me before the first show. He had greeted us and helped us set up. He even set up a special spotlight to illuminate me so that we could cut the lights in the room to make the projections brighter. 
The first group of kindergarten student with their teachers as they wave and say "Hi" to Nancy.
Seated on the floor, lower left, is Mrs. Odegard who arranged my visit to the school. The lady standing to my right signs my entire program for hearing impaired students. 

Grade 1 students in group 2 waving and saying "Hi" to Nancy.

Group 3 consists of kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students.

Grade 2 students in group 4 waving and saying "Hi" to Nancy.

During each program I promised the students they could "feel the oats" in the coffee can as they exited the room. 
Most of the children bravely stuck their hand into the oats. Some relished the moment and hesitated to leave, some felt only a few kernels on the top, and still others stuck their hands to the bottom to the of the can as they exclaimed the feeling as "cool", "like stones", and "sticky". and "fun."  Others took the opportunity to tell me a quick story of their farm experiences. See the photos below:

Thanks again to Keith Carlson for bringing my program to the attention of Mrs. Odegard, and thanks to Mrs. Odegard for arranging my visit and working out the schedule. We thank all the teachers and students for making Nancy and me feel welcome at Gideon Pond Elementary and for their kind comments after the shows.The students were fun and attentive. Nancy and I had fun and we hope they did too.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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  1. You just never know, do you, how one person may pass along information to another, like the case of the custodian. How nice that he shared his discovery of your books with this teacher.

    I really like the poetic name of that school, Gideon Pond Elementary. Looks like a great bunch of kids.