Thursday, July 5, 2012

Temperatures on July 4th

The temperature on July 4, 1972, was a bit cool. Note the coat and long-sleeved shirt worn by my brothers-in-law (Virgil Tornio on left and Edward Malz on right) as they pause for a photo while grilling some burgers on the lawn at my folks' farm. It was cool enough to chase several of us into the cozy comfort of Mom's kitchen to wait for a call to dinner.

This year's temps on the July 4th holiday where a challenge for all who participated in activities outdoors. Our thermometer showed 100 degrees in the shade for about three hours in the mid-to -late afternoon during our annual Fredrickson 4th of July Horseshoe Tournament. I won't say it was comfortable under the shade trees, but there was a slight breeze, which helped make the heat tolerable as we watched the pitchers compete for the trophy.
Randy Malz and Dick Mushitz were the winners.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson


  1. My sister, daughter, niece and I played one game of bean bags at our annual family gathering on July 1 and that was it. Too much hot. Your family is certainly more determined than ours because I think the Fourth was hotter than the First. Sounds like a wonderful event, other than the weather.

  2. I think a lot of their determination has to do with bragging rights for winning the tournament, getting the trophy and cash, and having their names put on the plague, which goes back to 1987.
    An astounding development was that because we only had eight teams (we usually have twenty teams or so), everyone agreed that no one would advance unless they beat their opponents two games instead of just one, forcing everyone to play twice as many games.