Friday, March 18, 2011

Child Learning and Development Center, Burnsville, MN

Two wonderful advantages I had as a child were (1) my parents both worked at home farming and (2)  I had two caring older sisters who read to me, played games with me, and generally, took my development seriously--well, much of the time anyway. Both my sisters became day care providers during and after they raised their own families. I must've trained them well.

Today's children may have lots of advantages I didn't have as a child, but often the more economic advantages they may have, the less likely they get to spend time with parents and older siblings like I did.
That's why I am a big fan of quality day care and learning centers.

I've used this site to praise a number of child learning facilities where  I've performed my stories, and I need to say I was really impressed with Child Learning and Development Center at Burnsville, led by Director Sue Linden, who is clearly involved in doing something she loves. The love and professionalism of the entire staff glowed the whole time we were there, Monday, February 28, and Tuesday, March 1, when I performed for seven groups of 3-5 year-olds, totaling about 262 kids and adults.
Honestly, keeping the interest of a group of 3-4 year-olds presents a challenge for me, but as you see here, they readily hold up two fingers as I show them how farmers teach a newborn calf how to drink out of a pail. They also loved to help call cattle as I read, "Come, Boss. Come, Boss."

And regardless of age, they would "oooahh" when they saw the pictures of the kitties and the dog below:

After the show on the first day, Edward's mother made a special trip to bring him in to buy a book, giving Nancy and me an opportunity to have a  friendly visit with his mother.
The visit reminded me of the dedication the parents have, for they know the importance of providing their children with the best start possible. Edward can't read yet, but he is so excited about the prospect of reading that you know he will do well.
Sue Linden, the Director at CDLC, invited Nancy and me to set up a table and sell books during the parent-teacher conferences during the following Thursday and Friday (March 10-11). During the event we met several parents who informed us that their children had talked at length about our program when they returned form school on the day we performed If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure. 
 I especially liked it when they said their child kept repeating how to call cattle, "Come, Boss. Come, Boss." Kids always remember more than one thinks!

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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