Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stories at Little Falls, MN

My Aunt Bernice lives in the Alverna Apartments, an assisted living facility in Little Falls. Her friend Claudette Scepaniak called me a few months ago to ask me to do a show for the residents and I was happy to comply, but to make the trip even better, Dorothy Bernardy called me from St. Otto's, a nursing about 100 yards away from Alverna, and arranged for me to do a show there on the same day.
Bernice will be 89 in June. She is 4 years younger than my father, who passed away in 2001.

So on March 16 Nanc and I enjoyed a nice drive to Little Falls. Our first show was at St. Otto's and the staff and residents made us feel really welcome by coming early and asking many really good questions before the show and after the show.

At Alverna (below)they had organized a "little lunch" by having people bring food items. The place smelled so good I could hardly concentrate on the show.
Bernice is in the red sweater above, and near the back of the audience (pictured below) is her son Harvey and his wife Karen, who contributed number of items to the fine lunch we took part in after the show.

Below is a picture of Betty Hovet, who will be 101 this June.

We sold a good number of books and got to hear a few stories from the residents at both places. I love doing my stories for these folks! They may have some difficulties, but they always seem to retain their sense of fun. 

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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