Monday, March 28, 2011

Eau Claire Lutheran School, Wisconsin

When we got the call from Melanie to come to "Grandparents Day" at Eau Claire Lutheran School K-6 in Wisconsin, I was intrigued with the title of the event because I knew there would be an audience of old-timers and new-timers listening to my stories. I was not disappointed.

The entire day was an "open house" for Grandparents that gave them the chance to visit the classrooms, talk to teachers, and experience a sample of their performance skills during an hour-long music program that the kids performed in the afternoon immediately before my show. Nancy and I enjoyed watching and listening as groups sang and danced, played bells, and performed as a choir. We felt lucky to be part of the audience of kids and adults. The photo above shows older students singing and dancing.  The photo below shows the younger children.

The group above performed with bells, and the group below is a volunteer choir of mixed ages.

For a few pictures of my show, go to the next page.

Since the age of the kids ranged from K-6, Melanie requested I do my book If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure, but since about half of the audience consisted of adults my age or older, I added about 15 minutes that I usually reserve for all-adult audiences. Although I was a little concerned I might lose the kids, I was pleased to see their attention was on the show during the entire 50-minutes. Like the older folks, they seemed to sense the stories were about their heritage. I think they liked the pictures of the old tractors.

Below, they were eager to hold up the two finger to teach a calf how to drink.

We sold some books, talked to lots of people, and were interviewed by Emily, an intern reporter Nancy snapped taking a picture of me in the photo below:

One of the reasons I like living in Minnesota is that whichever direction we travel, we meet such nice neighbors. We've done several shows in Wisconsin and the people are always friendly, and they understand the heritage that my books attempt to preserve.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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  1. You two sure do get around. Great to hear our neighbors to the east extended a warm welcome.