Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chatfield Public Library

Friday, July 8, 2011, our early morning drive to Chatfield, Minnesota, is lovely. Corn is nearly hip-high, fog hangs in the lowlands, and the smell of cut hay permeates the country air. It doesn't get any better than this.
But wait!  Yes, it does!

For me, nothing is a greater thrill than talking to families after the show. Seeing parents with their children enjoying a story that brings together their experiences about farming gratifies and encourages me in my work.  Above, the Koenig family members each get a book as Mrs. Koenig tells of their farm activities.
Below, parents and grandparents watch with their children as I do a program which includes my book, If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure, at the Chatfield Public Library, Chatfield, MN.

Monica Erickson, the Director of the library, snaps a photo during the show.
The Chatfield Public Library is located downtown across from a park. 
The area has a rich history, which is partially summarized on a sign outside the library.

I'd like to thank Children's Library Programmer Kay Kirtz for arranging our visit to Chatfield, Kristi for showing us the facilities, and Monica for helping us prepare the activities room and having us do the show at the library. We especially appreciated Monica generously spending time visiting with us before and after the show.
We hope to return soon.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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