Thursday, July 21, 2011

University of Minnesota-Rochester

Honestly, I felt honored at the opportunity to speak at UMR CONNECTS, a weekly outreach program that features Minnesota Authors during July of 2011. The programs are always scheduled to be held outdoors at the Peace Plaza on UMR Campus in downtown Rochester, but Tuesday's heat and humidity caused them to move the program to roomy, air-conditioned room on the 4th floor. No one complained.
 Director of Outreach, Teresa Puetz, introduces me before my program, which includes my new book, A Farm Country Picnic. Teresa grew up on a farm and lives on that same farm with her family today.
After the show, Teresa had me draw the names for door prizes. Winners got to choose prizes which included a couple of my books and a gift certificate.
First prize winner has me sign a copy of Field Work while she tells me some interesting stories of growing up on a sandy farm in Wisconsin.

Nancy and I wish to thank Executive Office and Administrative Specialist Mary DeWitt for coordinating the event. Mary says she has fond memories of time spent on the farm of her grandparents.
Special thanks to Outreach Director Teresa Puetz for inviting us to the event and taking the time to visit with us before and after the show. It's good to know that people leading outreach programs have enthusiasm for the farm. 
Also, thanks to Greg, the on-duty technician who spent the evening ensuring that all things electronic worked in our favor. Greg grew up on a farm in Iowa and his father still farms the place. Nancy and I enjoyed visiting with him before the show as he helped set up the equipment.

It gave us real joy to experience the close connection to the farm with these UMR professionals.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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