Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Augustana Care Center

On Friday noon we had to leave the North American Farm Power Show at Owatonna to do a Farm Heritage Program at Augustana Care Center in Apple Valley.
The audience at Augustana Care Center was made up of people with farm and non-farm backgrounds, but they all seemed to relate to my story of 1950s farming. Several residents came early, and I had the opportunity to chat with them and learn of their farm background. Others stayed after the show to pick up order forms, visit, or comment on my program, which included my story, A Farm Country Picnic.

After the show, we were delighted to discover that Glee Hubbard from Apple Valley had driven over to the Care Center especially to see my program. Glee is one of the many great people who have taken the time to send us farm photographs for my new book A Farm Country Harvest, which we hope to complete in 2013.

Nancy and I had a good time doing the show and visiting with residence, and we'd like to thank them for being such a great audience. Also, we'd like to thank Jeff Strunk, Activities Director at Augustana Care Center, for arranging our visit.

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