Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bagley Elementary, High School, and Cornerstone Residence

On Thursday morning, Bagley was only a 1-hour drive from where we stayed with our friends in Crookston, but since we had to leave early for our destination, we were treated to a grand winter sunrise as we approached Bagley.

We had three shows scheduled in the elementary school with grades 4-6, one in the high school with grades 7-8, and one at Cornerstone Residence, a senior care facility. SPFFA members Emily and Megan Bellefy were our contacts, and they helped us move from spot to spot during the whole day.
Emily Bellefy me, Megan Bellefy.
Emily is Junior and her sister Megan is a Sophomore at Bagley High School.

Photos above and below show the fourth graders listening to my program, 
which included my story A Farm Country Picnic.

Chairs were found for all the sixth grade students (above),
 as teachers and some visitors stood in the back (below).
We found time for questions and I thank the adults and students for their kind words about my program.

Fifth grade students (above and below) were the last group to hear my program at the elementary school, and like the other groups they were enthusiastic and polite.

Since the schedule was tight, often students stayed to ask questions as we worked to pack up the equipment, as these fifth graders are doing in the above photo.

Also, we were able to visit with the librarian, who gladly accepted the books we donated to the elementary school library, just as we did in the other schools we visited.

After lunch, we were scheduled to do a show for seventh and eight grade students at the high school.
As we set up, some friends of the Bellefy sisters stopped by to talk.
Mitch and Cally take time to visit with me.

My Farm Heritage Program was optional for seventh and eighth graders
 so I was pleased to see a good turnout.

Emily arranged for us to do a Farm Heritage Program for the residence at Cornerstone Residence, a facility for seniors at Bagley. Audience members drank coffee and ate some cookies as I did my program.

Megan takes a few pictures during the show.

Nancy and I wish to thank all the principals and teachers who allowed us to do our program in the Bagley Schools, and we also thank the FFA students for arranging the program. The kids were all full of energy but ready to listen and learn.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson


  1. We were so pleased with the presentation by the Fredrickson's, the students talk about it frequently. We hope to get some orders in soon so we can get some of the books. They are wonderful. The FFA kids did a great job getting the Fredrickson's here and we are glad they did. Their presentation would be valuable to any organization or school age. Hopefully we can get them back some day soon!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments. We visited four schools in four days , taking us on a tour of nearly 1500 miles. Nancy and I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to meet everyone and do the shows. Although we live far away from the students and teachers in the schools we visited in Bagley, Baudette, Clearwater, and Gary, I think our heritage and our hearts are very close.