Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Ulm Public Library

For Nancy and me, the best greeting after driving an hour and a half is a warm smile and a hearty handshake, which is exactly what Katy Kudela, the Children's Librarian at the New Ulm Public Library gave us. Her enthusiasm lifted our spirits and made us feel really welcome.
Katy gave me a short introduction that called for the audience to give me a 
warm welcome, which they did by applauding. 
The audience was a mixed group, ranging in age from 2 years or younger to young adult, middle age, and old-timers, like myself. To appeal to this range of people, I tried to mix nostalgia, humor, sentiment, with stories about animals for the little ones. It's a tough challenge, but I have to admit I love the audience with the mixed ages.
Katy laid out the rugs and that helped focus the little ones. With the rest of the audience, I felt that I was preachin' to the choir again. It was clear to me by the head-nods and the grins that these folks had farming in their background and their blood.

You can see by the above photos that after the program the children and their parents were open, warm, and willing to tell their stories as they visited with Nancy and me and Katy while I signed the books they purchased.

Nancy and I had a particularly great time at the New Ulm Public Library, and we want to thank everyone who attended, especially those who took the time to visit and to buy books. A special thanks to Katy Kudela, the Children's Librarian, who arranged our visit and who clearly deserves a great deal of credit for hosting a "Family Night" program that successfully encourages families to attend. 
Hey, Katy, you have a good thing going here!

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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