Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clearbrook-Gonvick Elementary, Feb. 21, 2012

We left our truck in the shop at Bagley and rode safely to Clearbrook-Gonvick Elementary with Mr. Melbey, arriving at 8:30 AM, about the time we were scheduled to begin. As we hurried in to set up,
K-1 students eagerly awaited our show and their energy gave us the encouragement we needed.
A group of K-1 students listen to my first program on Tuesday, February 21, 2012.

Mr. Melbey helped us unload our equipment , and with the help of two high school FFA members, Samantha Johnson ( to my right) and Ashley Reichert (to my left) who helped us set up, we started our first show only about ten minutes late.

Students in all grades greeted us warmly. In the picture above, the second grade students
 turn to wave to Nancy as she snaps a photo during my program, which included my story 
If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure for K-1 and grade 2 students.

After the first two shows, two more FFA members joined the group to help us move our equipment. 
Left to right are Ashley Reichert, Tyler Strandberg, me, Samantha Johnson, and Tanner Pederson.
Since we had to move our program from classroom to classroom, we really appreciated the help these four FFA members provided.
My program for 6th grade students (above) and 4th grade students (below) was about 45 minutes long and included  my story, A Farm Country Picnic.

During a one-hour lunch break, I called Sorensens's for an update on the repair and received the good news that all was fixed. The costs seemed very reasonable and they were open till 5:00 PM, which gave us plenty of tie to get there after our last show. Whew!

After the lunch break, I did a program which included my story A Farm Country Picnic 
for 5th grade students (above) and for 3rd grade students (below).

We finished our question and answer session with third grade students at a few minutes before 3:00 PM.
For us, the day had been hectic with added challenges from the weather and trouble with our vehicle, but we had fun doing the programs at the school, meeting the FFA students from the high school, and visiting briefly with teachers and students after each show. Thanks for your kind words, too.

Mr. Melbey helped us load our equipment and delivered us to Sorensen's to pick up our truck. Then we were off to Baudette, about a 2.5 hour drive. We hoped the weather would be kind. More on that story tomorrow.

Nancy and I thank Mr. Melbey for picking us up at Sorensen's Motors and delivering us back there after the show, and we thank the good people at Sorensen's for handling our repair with efficiency and skill. We highly recommend Sorensen's Motors in Bagley to anyone.

We also thank the FFA students for sponsoring our visit, arranging our schedule, and helping us through the day, and of course, thanks to all the teachers who allowed us their valuable class time to do our show and to all the students who provided the enthusiastic audiences.

Pictures by Nancy A. Fredrickson.


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