Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oil on masonite

On Thursday afternoon, Nancy and I were excited to travel to Vernon Center to pick up thirty-six oil on masonite illustrations done by Bob Williams, who recently completed the artworks for my new book, A Farm Country Harvest, which I hope to complete in 2013. 

Bob and I hold up the 8"by 10" illustration for page one as Nancy snaps a photograph. Bob chose masonite instead of canvass for the illustrations because he thought masonite was inexpensive and would make the illustrations easier to transport when he displays them at art shows.

Brad Simon (center), who illustrated my recently released book, What I Saw on the Farm, and his cousin Amanda Bjerke came along on the trip. Amanda strummed on one of Bob's guitars as Brad showed  Bob his art sketchbook. The two teens visited with Bob as Nancy and I looked over the new illustrations in Bob's studio. 

Both Brad and Amanda seemed to enjoy Bob's easy manner and desire to listen.

The time sped by quickly and we had to leave before we were ready, but Bob eagerly invited us back to visit again.


  1. This book is going to be beautiful. Seems like maybe prints will need to be made and sold and perhaps other merchandise like t-shirts, totes, etc.

    Randy and I are hoping to make the tractor show on Sunday.

  2. Our goal is to make A Farm Country Harvest as accurate and as entertaining as we can by having great illustrations, a fun story, and actual photographs from past harvests with text that explains the process.