Friday, November 25, 2011

Cold Spring Area Historical Society

The first part of February, 2011, Tony Nathe contacted me to do a program on Farm Heritage for Cold Spring Area Historical Society History Series, and we set the date for the morning of November 18, 2011.
In the same month, Robin Osland of the Redwood Falls Public Library contacted me to do a program at the their library in the late afternoon for their community-wide Christmas by Candlelight celebration scheduled for November 18.

After checking the map, we decided that although the cities of Cold Spring and Redwood Falls were over 90 miles apart, we would have plenty of time between shows. The big worry was the weather. Well, Friday, November 18 was beautiful, and we enjoyed a scenic drive through the farm countryside in the early morning as we avoided I-94 and took a more westerly route through the farmlands and small towns of Scott, Carver, McLeod, Meeker, and Stearns Counties.

After my show, which included my story A Farm Country Thanksgiving, members stayed to chat and buy some books. Nancy and I also appealed to the group to search for pictures to loan us for A Farm Country Harvest.

Ladies from Kimball stop to chat after the show.
And in the photos below, I get to sign some books.

Thanks to Tony Nathe for inviting me to speak about Farm Heritage at his organization's History Series. A special thanks to all the members of the society; for it is their curiosity and intellect that will help pass on accurate farm heritage.

Next, Nancy and I load up our equipment and begin another scenic drive through Stearns, Kandiyohi, Renville, and Redwood Counties to do a show at the Redwood Falls Library. More about that tomorrow.

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