Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skype to Salem Hills Elementary School

Yesterday morning I did my first Skype with a school, and it was fun because the fifty-five third-graders were enthusiastic and asked really good questions. They could see and hear me from their classroom, and I could see and hear them from the comfort of my computer chair.

The teacher, Mr. Melde, contacted me a few days ago requesting that I talk to the students because his students and Ms Gustafson's students would be doing a project that would require them to go through a process similar to writing a book. So instead of my doing my usual story program, I just signed into the Skype application on my computer and awaited his call, which came to my computer promptly at 9:00 AM.

For about half an hour I explained a bit about my background and showed samples from the various stages of writing, illustrating, and publishing my books. Then students with questions took turns walking up to the camera to ask a question.

It was easy, fun, and convenient. I spent no money on gas and did not have to leave the house.
I mailed the kids free stickers and order forms in case anyone wants to buy a book.

We did not, however, take any pictures, but you can visit Mr. Melde's blog at the address below, click on the YouTube link, and watch some of the program.

My thanks to Mr. Melde and Ms Gustafson for inviting me into their classroom.

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