Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday books for the holiday season

  The mother of the grandmother pictured below purchased my book, A Farm Country Halloween, last summer to give to her great grandchildren on Halloween.. 
She emailed me to tell me her great grandchildren loved it.
She said, "My darling city great grandkids were spellbound and listened to every word."
I freely admit that this made my day.

Just to warn you, this is a shameless plug for my books.
But here it is––the holiday season.
And sure enough, you are going to read books about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
This is good, I think.

But why not read a stories about Halloween, Thanksgiving, 
or Christmas that actually display your farm heritage? 

Why only read the child some fantasy about Christmas in New York City or some made-up place?

Lydia, who was 100 yeas old, bought A Farm Country Halloween last year because she said it showed exactly what it was like when she went trick or treating as a kid. She wanted to pass that on to her descendants.
A customer who bought the A Farm Country Thanksgiving told me she loved the old-fashioned Thanksgiving that showed kids sledding and playing in the hay barn. No television in the house allowed people to visit, not argue about football or which parade to watch.
A Farm Country Christmas Eve shows a farm family being brought closer together by the simple things as they work together to finish chores on Christmas Eve.

My stories are based on actual events–things that farmers really do.
Kids love them.
Adults enjoy the nostalgia.
And I've been performing these stories 
for kids and adults for over 11 years.

I write these stories to try to pass on our farm heritage in an entertaining and accurate way,
but it only gets passed on if someone buys the books. Consider buying several for yourself or as gifts for others.

These are Collector quality books that can be passed on from generation to generation, just like the farm heritage they display.

Check out my website where you can see sample pages of my books before you order, or email me at to order books. Or just give me a call to ask questions.

By the way, shipping is free.

Happy Holidays!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Fun to see the photo of my daughter reading to my great granddaughters on your blog today. Thanks. I'll be seeing you 6 December in Rosemount to buy two more of your delightful books for my great grands! Bev