Monday, November 28, 2011

Lubavitch Cheder Day School

Located on Ford Parkway in St.Paul, Lubavitch Cheder Day School is Pre-K-8 and provides an integrated curriculum of General and Jewish studies. Mrs. Armstrong, who teaches second grade at the school, met us at Dakota Village during the Dakota County Fair last summer and invited us to visit and do a show. I'm glad she did. the kids listened with great attention and responded with smiles as I read my stories If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure  and  A Farm Country Picnic.

The students eagerly listened and participated as I demonstrated how to teach a newborn calf to drink from a pail and how to call cattle. After the program each of them took a turn at sticking his or her hand in the can of oats.

We thank Mrs. Armstrong for inviting us to the school.  Students seemed to enjoy the show and have fun. I know I did.

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