Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Village of Lonsdale

Village of Lonsdale has comfortable new facilities for seniors and a large room for events which is physically connected to the public library. We performed a show there last July and the audience members were great. When Activities Director Amanda Bartusek invited us to do a show which would include my book A Farm Country Thanksgiving  in November, I was delighted to return.

After the show, I was surprised to discover that Mary Malecha, one of the audience members, was 104 years old! I felt privileged to talk to her as she graciously took the time to explain a little about her life to me.

Audience members were very kind and stayed to chat and tell stories long after the show was over. The audience response made for a fun afternoon.

I wish to thank Activities Director Amanda Bartusek for arranging our visit and for making us feel welcome and at home.
Nancy and I especially thank the residents who attended the show and who stayed after to chat and tell us their stories. They were an amazing audience.
We had fun and we hope the staff and residence did too.

We hope to return again soon.

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