Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All Saints students come to Lakeville Senior Center

Linda Walter, Activities Director at Lakeville Senior Center, contacted me a few weeks ago to do a show at their new facility by the fire hall in Lakeville. In the past, I've done programs which included my Christmas book and my Thanksgiving book during those seasons, but this time she said that 100 students for nearby All Saints Catholic School were walking down to the Senior Center for Harvest activities and wondered if I would do my Halloween story for them.  I gladly agreed.
The students at All Saints always make good audience members.
I did several programs at the school last year and the students
 always listened intently and asked great questions.

Students ranged in age from Kindergarten  through grade five. For safety and student enjoyment, each fifth grader was paired with a younger student as they walked from the school to the Senior Center and as they listened to the program. Adults sat in the back.

The students' questions didn't disappoint me. One student asked about the process of putting an image onto the DVD. A younger student asked "How come it looks so real?"

Thanks to Linda Walter for inviting Nancy and me to do the Heritage Program and Photograph Display, and thanks to the students and teachers at All Saints for coming on down to listen.

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