Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chatfield Elementary School in Belle Plaine

I admit that Nancy and I were a bit tired at 8:30 AM when we arrived at Belle Plaine on Tuesday morning to do a Farm Heritage program. We had done an evening show the night before at Zumbrota Area Historical Society, making our night at home short.
However, our tiredness passed quickly when first-grade teacher Ms Adrian, who had arranged our visit, greeted us with a warm smile and indicated how excited she and the students were to have us at the school. And when we brought our equipment into the library, Ms Jasper also showed her enthusiasm when she eagerly arranged for us to set up in her library. When teachers welcome us and show their excitement, I know the students will be prepared to become a great audience, and it makes me try to do my very best.
The first group of first-graders listened intently as I begin my Halloween story.
The second group of first-graders watch as I explain that when I was a trick-or-treater,
 the roads we walked were very narrow and dark.
The projection in the picture above is from an actual photograph of the road we walked down in 1950.

Students and teachers in both groups were fun audiences and asked lots of good questions after the show.

Thanks to all the teachers for allowing me to use their valuable class time for my show. I hope they found my program educational and fun. Special thanks to Ms Adrian for arranging my visit and to Chatfield's Principal for taking time to say hello before the show and for attending the entire second program.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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