Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fillmore County Historical Society

The fog on Saturday morning inhibited our view as we drove Highway 52 toward Fountain, Minnesota, the location of the Fillmore County Museum and home of the Fillmore County Historical Society where I was scheduled to do a Farm Heritage Program at 1:00 PM.

Not a morning for sight-seeing.

The museum, a former elementary school, is quite large, and Nancy and I were eager to view the displays.

When we entered, Debra J. Richardson, the FCHS Director, greeted us with a big smile and showed us around.
I began my Farm Heritage Program, which included my story, A Farm Country Halloween.

After my program, Nancy and I were invited to lunch with the group, and as we ate our fill, we visited with the members and swapped stories. The members all share a keen interest in history and their farm heritage. Several members were interested in letting us use their pictures and their stories in my books.

We headed home in the sunshine and enjoyed the beauty of the countryside as we drove north to Rochester on Highway 52 from the city of Fountain.
I never tire of viewing the farms and fields along the road.

After the two-hour drive home, Nancy and I went for a short walk and discovered some beauty in our own back yard.
I love the contrast of greens and browns and reds and yellows and orange.
Birches and burr oaks have been dumping leaves gradually for two weeks,
 giving me a chance to grind them up with the mower,
but it seems this maple decided to dump them while we were gone today.

Thanks to Debra Richardson for inviting us to Fillmore County Historical Society to speak at their meeting. Nancy and I enjoyed the food, the company, and the museum. I think we made some lasting contacts as sources for farm activity photographs and stories.
I especially thank all those members who purchased my books. Keep that farm heritage alive. Read them, and pass my books and your own stories on to the next generation.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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