Saturday, October 20, 2012

Auburn Manor

Auburn Manor is an attractive assisted living facility in Chaska, Minnesota. Shortly after we arrived on Wednesday, we met Recreation Director Amy Meyers, an energetic lady who immediately hustled to arrange things in the chapel so we could set up our equipment to do our Farm heritage Program for the residents.

As she brought audience members into the chapel, I noticed her enthusiasm for her work and for all of life as she shared moments with other staff members and the residents. You can always tell when people really like what they do, and it showed on Amy.

The residents had a good time listening to the nostalgic details in my stories, 
and they told a few stories of their own after the show.

But our visit to Auburn Manor surprised us in several ways. Not only did staff and residents tell more stories and buy more books than expected, but we also met staff-member Colleen, who is the daughter-in-law of our friend Beverly Hermes. Beverly enthusiastically supports our efforts to preserve farm heritage, and has generously let us use her family photos which were taken as she grew up on a family farm.

Imagine Colleen's surprise when she turned to the dedication page of my latest book, What I Saw on the Farm, and saw the above photograph of Beverly and her sister Bonnie milking Marigold!
Colleen generously consented to have her photo taken with me as I autographed one of her purchases.

Nancy and I  thank Amy Meyers for inviting us to visit Auburn Manor to do my Farm Heritage Program, which included my book, A Farm Country Picnic. 
We also thank all the customers who purchased our books.
You see, for me to achieve my goal of having my books passed on from generation to generation for a hundred years or more, I need people to perform that critical first step of buying them.
Thanks again.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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