Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chub Lake Beavers 4-H Club

In general, 4-H clubs and FFA organizations are particularly in-tune with my programs because their members are continuing the natural extension of the heritage that my books attempt to preserve. So it's no surprise that when Nancy and I were invited to perform at the April 4th meeting of the Chub Lake Beavers 4-H, they made us feel really welcome, especially since my family's farm where I was raised was less than ten miles away.

Ages of audience members ranged from the very young to all ages of adults.

Some of the younger ones sat on the floor near the front, as shown in the picture below:

Even though dealing with animals is a common activity for these children, many of them willingly held up the two fingers to help me demonstrate how to teach a calf to drink from a pail.

I thank the clubs co-leaders, Tina Stiles and Chris Zweber, for inviting us to perform our show at the meeting. We had a really fun time talking to the members and listening to their stories before and after the show, and their generosity enabled me to do one of my favorite activities, as shown below:
Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson


  1. Thanks for coming out to our 4-H club's meeting and performing one of your wonderful stories. I'm sure the 4-Hers loved it.

  2. The pleasure was mine, Tim. The audience was a fun group and many of them took the time to visit with me and/or Nancy after the show. Hope you can visit us at the Dakota County Fair again this year. Gordon