Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jackson County Library

The Jackson County Library in Jackson, MN, is a fine facility, but what made this show especially interesting and fun for me was the fact that the individual audience members asked questions before and after the show, bought books, told me stories, and asked more than the usual number of questions about writing. A couple have even followed up by emailing me. I love to get emails from audience members because I know this is how I can keep on learning. People have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer.
 From the group's response to the show, I could tell that Librarian Pam Grussing does a good job scheduling guest speakers that keeping their interest and encourage regular attendance.

I like it when I can leave my screen in the car and project onto the wall as I did for my show at Jackson, which featured A Farm Country Thanksgiving on March 23, 2011.

Of course, autographing books is my favorite part.

Once again, the weather was nice, the audience was great, we sold some books, and we made some friends. It was a good day.

Photographs by Nancy Fredrickson

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