Monday, April 25, 2011

Winona Historical Society

Winona County Historical Society hosts a monthly "Food for Thought" series during lunchtime at the new wing of the Winona County Museum, which was dedicated last fall during a visit by Governor Pawlenty.
Jennifer Weaver, assistant director at the Museum, invited me to speak for an hour and I eagerly scheduled April 20, 2011, at noon.
The facilities were beautiful and the people were really enthusiastic about rural history and the history of their city. It was a fun group.
Nancy set up our book display below a fine grouping of historical details.

We arrived early as did a number of people who introduced themselves and visited with me and Nancy before the show. In the picture above I am showing Orlin Brommer the illustrations in the original Christmas book that I wrote. 
Orlin lives in Wisconsin and writes a column for the Winona Daily News.
He is pretty humble about it and calls it his "Ramblings," but after Nancy and I returned home, I read a number of his articles and I found them fascinating. His articles display details from routine things of the past and his style is a special cross between fiction and memory that you don't want to miss. To find the articles, just google his name.
The audience enjoyed the show on a big screen. After the hour program, many stayed to ask questions, buy books, and tell stories. Their enthusiasm made the day fun and the knowledge they shared was educational for all.
Allan Aldinger (left) gave me some copies of photos and stories from his childhood after I signed a book for him. I love to see these photos and read the stories. I am always looking for information to put in my shows.
I thank Jennifer Weaver for inviting me to speak and for purchasing books to have available to sell at the museum's fine gift shop. Nancy and I plan to return sometime soon to check out the museum more thoroughly.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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