Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mabel Public Library

On Saturday, April 9, driving east on I-90, we take exit 193 onto Highway 16, then turn onto Highway 52 to go through Preston. Just a few miles east of Preston we are treated to spectacular views of valleys, hills, woods and fields. Even though we have a few miles to go, we stop for some photos.

The highway follows a ridge for miles until we turn onto Highway 3 to go to Mabel, which is nearly in Iowa.
Our drive to the Mabel Public Library takes us less than three hours, including two stops, and we are greeted by library director Donna Johnson, volunteer Gail Stortz, and library president Sharen Storhoff.
We set up quickly and then are surprised when two friends we had first met on our trip to Hawaii in January stop by to watch the show, Janice Storlie (right) and Yvonne Krogstad (left), pictured below.

Audience members vary in age as shown in pictures above and below.
After I finish the show for A Farm Country Thanksgiving,  several people stay to chat and purchase some books. I discover Gail (Tripp) Stortz, pictured below, is a cousin from my dad's side.
Once again, we had fun meeting interesting people and enjoyed the surprise of meeting friends and relatives. We look forward to returning to Mabel for a scheduled visit to the elementary school later in April.
The drive back offers more great scenery, though the day was a bit hazy.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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