Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Valley Historical Society

Doing my 55-minute show about farm heritage at Spring Valley Historical Society on April 17 was a bit like preaching to the choir. Nothing I said was new to the audience, but I could tell from the laughter and head-nodding that they loved hearing it anyway. Since it was their annual dinner, I was assured of a good crowd of people ready to have some fun.

Members were avid historical buffs, and before and after the show they shared many stories of their lives on and off the farm. 

Although the banquet was open to members only, my show as open to the public and a few parents brought young people.

I'd like to thank Spring Valley Historical Society Secretary Julie Mlinar, forefront on the right in the picture above, for inviting me to the banquet. Nancy and I enjoyed the great food, the lively conversation, and the stories many people willingly told us. 
Many audience members purchased books and kindly told me how much they enjoyed the show. This kind of feedback means a lot to me because it lets me know they understand that the small farm heritage belongs to all Minnesotans.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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