Sunday, April 24, 2011

Title I Night at Mabel-Canton

In spring and fall each year Mabel-Canton School hosts a Title I Night which features entertainment and ice cream. For this spring's event on April 18, Media Coordinator Laura Schulte invited Tom Savre (guitarist, songwriter, naturalist) and me to entertain the group.
Tom performed songs he had written containing bird calls and animal sounds, and as he sang, children and adults  followed his lead by joining in and doing their best to imitate his calls. His performance was both fun, engaging, and educational as audience members learned the sounds of local birds and animals.
 Tom was a hard act to follow, but he sure put everyone in a good mood, and the audience seemed to be eager to listen to my story, If I Were a Farmer: Nancy's Adventure.
After my show, people visited with each other and ate the ice cream served at the event.
As I visited with kids and adults (background), other students came over to talk to Nancy and browse my books after they had finished their ice cream.
I got to sign lots of books and visit with parents and their children.
Several parents commented how they enjoy Title I Night because they never quite know what entertainment they will experience. They said they really enjoyed Tom's music and my stories. They were very kind.
Nancy and I would like to thank Media Coordinator Laura Schulte and Title I Coordinator Sarah Holdmeyer, who were responsible for selecting the entertainment and contacting Tom and me.
The evening's program was fun and educational. Everyone was friendly and eager to visit. I hope we return soon.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson.

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